Inspired, Bespoke, Kitchens, And Built-in Furniture.

D. Pratt Designs has been designing and manufacturing customized built-in furniture, kitchens, and carrying out renovations since 2011.

D. Pratt Designs

Our Approach

Our personalised approach to design conveys a truly inspirational artisan level of service. We do not restrict ourselves to a single theme or material.

Our style is only limited to your imagination. Feel free to articulate your ideas and let us connect the dots and make them real. Be it a simple idea or an already existing blueprint, and we can take it to the next level and build the furniture you desire.

D. Pratt Designs

Our Vision

At D. Pratt Designs, we pride ourselves on manufacturing unique kitchen cabinets. We intend to tailor our work to meet the needs of every contemporary family dynamic, lifestyle, and budget.

D. Pratt Designs

What Sets Us Apart

  • Stylish yet unique designs

  • Superb quality construction

D. Pratt Designs

Featured Items

  • Walnut bar

  • Modern Entertainment

  • Master suite

  • Furniture

  • Fireplaces

  • Built-ins

D. Pratt Designs